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What’s in a Label?

By Hayden Ebert © 2014 Lucid dreams, Out of Body Experiences (OBEs), Astral Projection… as if the subject of consciousness were not complicated enough, we have all this terminology to decipher. There are hugely varying opinions on the subject of what defines one experience versus another and, as a result, many people remain confused. Ultimately,…

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By Gustavo Vieira © 2014 Usually, my WILDs tend to be like OBEs. I say this because those dreams always start with me on my bed in the position I fell asleep in. Here’s what usually happens: Around 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM when I wake up, after a little WBTB, I lay down on…

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Dreaming with Polar Bears

By Dawn Baumann Brunke © 2014 Imagine yourself in your private dream world, walking through an Arctic landscape, shoulder to shoulder beside a polar bear. You wake up inside the dream and realize: I am dreaming! You turn to the bear, look into his eyes, and realize that he, too, is awake within the dream.…

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The Three Me’s

By Maria Carla Cernuto © 2014 This is an account of an OOBE/Lucid dream taken from a blog I wrote for titled, “Another Look at Out of Body Experiences: Astral Projection Versus Lucid Dreaming.” It illustrates how getting lucid can lead to an OOBE. Lucidity began in sleep paralysis, was followed by a false…

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