Lucid Dreaming Articles silver shell in lucid dreaming

A Striking Lucid Dream

By Maria Carla Cernuto © 2014 The Challenge   Lying quietly in bed in a darkened motel room near the San Francisco airport, I kept repeating my psi dream intention: ‘Tonight I desire to experience and recall a dream that clearly presents the central image, or the one closest to the center, on the designated…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles sleeping in lucid dreaming

Lucidly Exploring Delta Sleep

By Peter A. Luber © 2014 As lucid dreamers, we all recognize the importance of REM sleep to dreaming and we try to join it as precisely as we can during our lucid dreaming attempts, so that we can enjoy a lucid dream that lasts as long as the REM period itself. That‘s all good,…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles heiroglyphs in lucid dreaming

Dreams: Hieroglyphs of the Unconscious

By Maria Isabel Pita © 2014 ‘Hieroglyphs are pictures used as signs in writing. Many depict living creatures or objects (and) some signs represent the object they depict… However, very few words are written in this way. Instead, hieroglyphic picture-signs are used to convey the sound (and meaning) of the ancient Egyptian language.’ From How…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles space in lucid dreaming

In Lucid Dreams, Does Space Exist?

Does space actually exist in your lucid dreams? Many of you may find this question strange. Once lucid, you fly around cities, go through walls and explore the dreamscape. In fact, some lucid dreams involve almost constant exploring. Space certainly seems to exist, since you perceive yourself moving through it.   Yet as a lucid…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles angels in lucid dreaming

Lucid Surrender: The Eye of the Heart

By Mary Zeimer ©  2014 Let the eye of your heart be opened that you may see the spirit and behold invisible things.—Ahmad Hatif (1198) I have experienced lucid dreaming in large part as a pathway to knowledge of ‘the essence behind existence,’ a knowledge of the Self and a more Celestial consciousness. The following…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles sleepy man in lucid dreaming

Where Dreaming Meets Waking

By Albert Lauer © 2014 I was fourteen when a series of sleep paralyses incidents left me distraught. The first time it happened, I was sure I was dying. I had no control and even my breath seemed to stop. Apart from not being able to move, most notable were the vibrations, paired with loud…

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