Lucid Dreaming Articles bright cloud in lucid dreaming

The Voice from the Sky

By Karim © 2016 The first time I encountered the phenomenon of speaking to a booming voice from an invisible source in my dreams was when I was 13 years old. In that dream I was abducted by aliens from my home and beamed down on the shores of Portugal at a secret military camp…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles old man in suit in lucid dreaming

The Awareness Behind the Dream

In 1985 after ten years of lucid dreaming, I had a mini-epiphany after an unexpected conversation in a lucid dream. In the dream, I approached an elderly dream figure in a three-piece suit and lucidly asked him, “Excuse me, what do you represent?” Nothing prepared me for what happened next. Instead of the dream figure…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles dream figures in lucid dreaming

In Honor of Paul Tholey: Achieving Self-knowledge through the Interaction with Lucid Dream Figures

By Alexandra Enns © 2016 My practical approach towards dream figures is grounded in the work of the distinctive researcher and lucid dreaming pioneer, Paul Tholey. In my opinion, his recommended and easily memorized suggestions for a meaningful communication with dream characters enable the dreamer to gain a straightforward and a profound understanding of the…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles guardian angel in lucid dreaming

Dream Figures & Guardian Angels

By Maria Isabel Pita © 2016 I have been lucid dreaming for over five years now, and from the very first night, I experienced a Dream Figure who stood out from the others, and who spoke to me with authority. I regularly encounter helpful Dream Figures. For example, a variety of Dream Figures, both male…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles dream characters in lucid dreaming

Dream Figures

By Karim Said ©2016 Over the years I have become fascinated with a variety of dream figures that I have met in dreamland. I usually look forward to sleeping intrigued at what I will experience next and especially with whom I will meet in my dreams. As most of us know, the majority of dream…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles Grand Canal, Venice Italy

The Wondrous City

By Dr. Clare Johnson © 2017 In a series of three dreams, I journeyed to a wondrous city In the first dream, I found myself on an incredible journey I knew that I was travelling somewhere far away from the waking reality. I did not think of it as a dream, it felt more like being…

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