This article appeared in the on-line magazine, Lucid Dreaming Experience, at The Lucid Dreaming Experience (LDE) seeks to educate, inform and inspire lucid dreamers. Robert Waggoner serves as co-editor of the LDE, and gives workshops, writes books and speaks internationally on this fascinating topic.
Lucid Dreaming Articles grave in lucid dreaming

Lucid Dreaming with the Deceased

Marla Charbonneau Ecstatic Connection With a Dearly Missed Friend I‘m dreaming that I‘m at a house party. There are several people there and we are all visiting and having a good time. Suddenly I look up and see my friend Jon, who has been deceased for over two years, come down a short flight of…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles Non-Linear Dream Communication in lucid dreaming

Non-Linear Dream Communication

By Bill Murphy, LDE Science Correspondent © 2016 While researching the topic of lucid dreams of the deceased, I reviewed the work of those who have studied various categories of dreams looking for relevant data. The challenge of providing examples of communication with deceased loved ones while in a lucid dream was confounding in some regards while acknowledging…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles pocket watch in lucid dreaming

A Timely Visit

By Patrick Paulin © 2016 It was similar to the feeling of waking up from a midday nap only I was not lying down. I was sitting upright on a couch and my eyes were wide open. My surroundings slowly began to come into focus. While I sat quietly, a tall gentleman was moving about…

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Lucid Dreaming Interviews Robert Waggoner author of lucid dreaming books

Interview with Patrick Paulin

Photo by Ryan Brohm via Iowa State Daily Lucid dreamer, dream-work coach, and writer, Patrick Paulin, has a deep interest in lucid dreaming for personal transformation and growth. Along with this interview, he submitted an article about an interesting encounter with a deceased dream figure. Welcome, Patrick! When we talked after the New York City…

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